A little more doodling.

I have been on a mini drawing spree lately. Ok, maybe not quite a spree but more than my usual quota of drawings per month. Today I am uploading a few of my most recent doodling adventures. Three semi-creepy kids.


a drawing of a my cousin Lila eating a overly large cookie

This drawing was inspired by my 3-year-old cousin Lila. She was attacking cookies with such gusto that I really couldn’t help but take a moment to doodle it out. And, in a rare show of effort I decided to pop the drawing into Illustrator & Photoshop and play around with some color. I am not sure how I feel about this particular coloring job but it was fun to do.


The masked Brier, a super hero kid complete with pjs and a towel cape

The drawing is based on my 5-year-old cousin Brier. One morning, while visiting, I woke up to find him running around in his PJs with a mask and a cape on. He made quite the superhero and showed all the bad-guys that he could kick their butts right back to their time-out spots.


drawing on a young person listening to music with a hoodie and large earphones


This drawing came to me while watching a friend listen to some music on her overly large earphones.


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