Campaign Strategy

Not sure where to start but certain you need to do something? Nicole Steffen can take a look at your business and market and help you craft an action plan that will help you market your organization and move forward.

Custom Email Design

Sending out an email and want to give it that special touch? Nicole Steffen Design is ready to develop a custom designed email for your event, promotion or newsletter. Nicole Steffen Design can also develop templates for some email

Print Ad Design

In local newspapers and magazines print ads can be found in publications of all kinds. They are a powerful way to bring your business to the forefront of people minds. The right message and crafted imagery can bring people knocking on your door.

Digital Ad Design / PPC Design

Marketing opportunities abound on the Internet. One of the easiest ways to build brand recognition across the web is with PPC ads. These ads can be simple or complex, animated or stagnant, the possibilities are endless. What matters is what is right for your business and what is the most effective way to catch your customer’s attention.

Direct Mail Design

Talk directly to current and potential customers at home. From the classic postcard to a well-designed envelope and letter, you can reach your customer at home where a well-crafted message will be seen and heard.

Outdoor Billboard Design

Catch them quick! When it comes to your billboard you have less than 6 seconds to capture your audience. Short and sweet is the name of the game. Can we do it, yes we can!

Social Media Services

From Avatars to daily Ads, social media management can be a monster. Developing a plan of attack and the assets to be successful year round on all your social media can bring in more customers and bring in greater brand awareness. Let Nicole Steffen Design help.

Flyer & Rack Card Design

Tell potential customers what you can do for them with compelling designs and clear calls to action. A flyer or rack card can be a powerful tool when wielded well. Take this marketing mainstay to the next level.

Business Card & Stationery Design

Step up your business card and stationery game with a unique and stand out design. Discover what is feels like to be complimented every time you hand out your business card. Have a professional stationary you actually use.

Website Design

Your website is the digital face of your brand. It tells your audience who you are and what you can do for them. Nicole Steffen Design can help you bring your business forward with a website that will help your audience see you in a fresh new light. From small to large, it is about finding the right-sized solution for your organization.

Logo & Branding

Whether you have a fresh new business just getting on its feet or an establish brand ready for a refresh, your brand is the thread that weaves through every business touchpoint. Your Logo and Brand Persona should help your business or organization thrive.


From the playful to the data complex Nicole Steffen Design can help you bring data rich information to your audience in a graphical way through the use of infographics. Infographics can be implemented on their own or as part of a greater media strategy.

Label Design

Ready to bring your product to market? Nicole Steffen Design can help you develop product labels or tags that will be a hit for your target audience.

Magazine & Custom Publication Design

Creating a custom publication to demonstrate the best of your organization can be a powerful way to show who your company is to your audience and to grow your audience to a whole new group. Nicole Steffen Design can help you develop a custom publication for your business or organization that will stand out.

Catalog Design

Your products are important and showing them in the best light so that your consumer understands their worth is integral to the growth of your business. From planning and photography to the final print product every step will be taken with care so that your products shine.

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