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Glen Arbor Wines is a boutique wine brand in Northen Michigan featuring locally produced wines and cider. When approached about designing for the brand it was quickly determined that there was strength in building a brand based on what it is to be in Northern Michigan. 

Glen Arbor Wines Logo

The logo features a scene that can be found just feet from the wine tasting room. The Manitou islands sitting on the horizon beneath a grand sunset.



The wine bottles designed for Glen Arbor Wine

Each bottle features a different local Northern Michigan scene. Hot spots such as Sleeping Bear Dune’s Pyramid Point, Port Oneida, and Alligator Hill are featured. The Chardonnay even features a winter shot taken while the bottles were designed in mid-Feburary at the end of the road where the wine tasting room is located in Glen Arbor.

The painterly effect used on the bottles and throughout the brand help give the brand an organic element that relaxes the overall vibe of the brand.

The Business cards and tasting menu designed for Glen Arbor Wines

In the wine tasting room, visitors are able to select their wines for tasting using the wine tasting menu shown above. The menu is laminated so that it can be used again and again.

The business cards feature additional open space on the back for quick notes, such as important appointments.

A large Stamp is used on the bags to continue telling the Glen Arbor Wines brand story at all stages of the retail journey.

The Exterior Sign designed and created for Glen Arbor Wines

The main exterior sign is clean, simple and elegant.  It is placed just above the main entrance and can be seen easily from the road.

A wine tasting glass with the Glen Arbor Wines Logo on it

Glassware with the Glen Arbor Wines logo continues to reinforce the brand message throughout each visit.

A rack card designed to promote Glen Arbor Wines

Rack cards help spread the message about the wine tasting room to new audiences visiting the area.


Facebook page promoting Glen arbor wines and a magazine ad

The Facebook page for Glen Arbor Wines was officially launched a couple short weeks before opening the doors. Within only a few short weeks of purely organic outreach, the brand was averaging 500+ impressions on posts.




Client Joy!

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Lissa Edwards, Owner Glen Arbor Wines